Family-of-Origin Counseling is a different type of counseling that goes beyond a typical nuclear family or a couples counseling session.

It’s purpose is to help clients work through difficult issues and topics with adult extended family members or members of past or present social networks so the client and the other parties can move forward in their lives.

These types of sessions can include:
  • Adult Parents
  • Adult Siblings
  • Aunts, Uncles
  • Grandparents
  • Cousins
  • In-Laws
  • Ex-Spouses
  • Co-Workers
  • Friends

It is important to note that Family of Origin sessions do not necessarily have the same goal as one might find in a remediation situation and while remediation might result from of a Family of Origin session it is actually a result of the parties being able to actually hear and understand each other; perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Special care is taken to set supportive ground-rules prior to these sessions so that difficult subject-matter can be brought up and discussed in a way that minimizes difficult emotions and keeps the environment safe and supportive for all parties involved. NOT every client is ready for a Family of Origin session; but for those who are it can often help to bring relief to long-standing animosity, distance, and cut-off more quickly than other formats of counseling/therapy.

If this type of format is of interest to you please contact me for further details on how we can get started.

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